Ethos & Values

At Vale of Evesham School we are developing to become a centre of excellence, serving pupils with special needs, not only in our school but the wider community.

To achieve this we will be sharing our excellent practice, in curricular and teaching and learning strategies, with our colleagues in mainstream schools. We are also developing as an extended service school, providing a facility which supports Children’s Services, in the delivery of integrated services for pupils within the community.

Our mission is to provide an inclusive, holistic provision that will enable all members of the school community to attain their full potential in an encouraging and supporting environment which is happy, safe and secure, caring and positive with every child matters as central to our ethos.


- To provide a warm and safe environment in which everyone is valued and enabled to develop as happy and confident individuals who appreciate their own worth
- To develop skills, qualities, knowledge and understanding for life
- To ensure the pupils have a voice in all aspects of school life
- To prepare our pupils for adulthood – becoming caring, confident and responsible citizens in the community
- To enable individuals to become informed, responsible and caring through use of appropriate learning and teaching styles and practice
- To offer at an appropriate level a stimulating, challenging and enriching curriculum in a variety of environments during school and beyond which enables the achievement of full potential
- To promote a climate of high expectation in which the achievements and successes of all are celebrated
- To create an environment in which individuals are empowered to accept responsibility for their own development
- To encourage mutual respect and understanding of others so that our pupils become caring and responsible individuals both within school and the wider community
- To have an inclusive and consultative style of leadership and management that respects and takes account of the views of all
- To continually evaluate current working practices to ensure work/life balance, staff well-being and good continuing professional development
- To encourage individuals to participate in the growth and development of the school environment